Friday, February 18, 2022

January 2022 report to the Computer Conservation Society

Last November I reported on the successful completion of the first draft technical description, by Tim Robinson, of the Analytical Engine designs. Since then we have initiatives underway to increase the size of the team to take this work further. We have a separate initiative to view working papers donated by Anne Bromley, Allan Bromley’s widow. Allan Bromley, Australian computer scientist, died in 2002. His work was the first attempt to study of the detail of the Analytical Engine designs. Our study of the new Bromley papers will enable us to assess of the scope and depth of his researches and to key Tim Robinson’s findings into what was known before.

Doron Swade


  1. Thanks so much guys- i always keenly read your updates

  2. Hello,
    Is there a projected date for when it will become possible to develop a buildable set of plans for the Analytical Engine?

  3. I can't find information about the progress of the project. Are you still working on the analytical machine?